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Data Science and Statistics

BSQ Research brings you the expertise to make sense of your data and show you how you can use analytics to boost your revenue and profits

Some Current & Past Projects

Client: Hedge Fund

The application of machine learning and queueing theory techniques to financial transactions data in order to automate the trading of futures contracts at high frequency. The end result will be code that is uploaded to a colocated server near the exchange. This is an ongoing project.

Client: Fortune 20 Multinational Company

The design of statistical models to analyze and forecast global product demand for a large chemical company, as part of a strategic decision making system to optimize the timing of major investments and expansions. The project was implemented and has been in use for several years.

Client: U.S. Franchise Network

The design and implementation of a database and a web based front end for collecting, storing and analyzing customer data for a franchise network offering fashion industry training. The network spanned several states in the U.S. mid-western states.

Client: Governments and central banks

The design of data collection systems and the creation of macroeconomic business cycle models to monitor national economies. Several projects carried out in collaboration with governments and central banks, including Spain, Mexico, Indonesia and Jordan.

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