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Risks and Rewards of Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionary new technologies like Artificial Intelligence bring with them large scale social and economic dislocations, and often arouse the anxiety that humans are going to lose their place in the world and be replaced by machines. However, history suggests that the usual dynamic of such revolutions is that they start out by replacing human workers […]

The 250 Year Dispute About Bayes Rule

In an article published in the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society in 2012, the famous American statistician Bradley Efron celebrated the upcoming 250th anniversary of Bayes Rule, a fundamental principle of inference in mathematical statistics. The proper use of Bayes Rule has been a matter of contention for two and a half centuries, with the […]

DeepMind’s Healthcare Initiative

DeepMind Technologies Limited, a UK subsidiary of Alphabet Inc, launched DeepMind Health a year ago, a venture to bring deep learning based AI technology to the healthcare space. DeepMind Health started a collaboration with the National Health Service of UK to apply its technology to the improvement of healthcare delivery. As Mustafa Suleyman, a co-founder of DeepMind, […]

Advances in Artificial Intelligence: Micro-Drone Swarms

Micro-drone swarms that are capable of advanced behaviors such as collective decision-making, evasive formation flying, and adaption to constituent loss, were demonstrated by the US Department of Defense in Oct 2016. This is a remarkable advance in the use of automation and artificial intelligence for military applications. According to a news release published by the Department […]

The Move Towards Data Science Platforms

A recent report from Forrester says that high-growth firms that use data science to generate business insights and drive actions are increasingly gravitating towards integrated data science platforms, rather than an assortment of tools, to carry out their projects. According to Forrester: Data science platforms are integrated tool sets for all the steps in a data science […]

A Major Advance In Machine Poker

An artificial intelligence system developed by Carnegie Mellon University has defeated four professional poker players in a 20-day poker tournament held last month in Pittsburgh. The AI system named Libratus was developed by computer science professor Tuomas Sandholm and PhD student Noam Brown, and hosted on the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center’s Bridges computer, according to a report here. […]

Generative Models and Adversarial Training of Networks

The idea of generative models and their adversarial training has evoked a lot of interest in the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence community. It was first proposed by Ian Goodfellow and his colleagues at the University of Montreal in 2014.  For a thorough introduction to these ideas, see Goodfellow’s tutorial at the Thirtieth Annual Conference on Neural Information […]