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New High Frequency Trading Project

BSQ Research has taken up a new assignment to create algorithms for trading commodity futures in several markets across the world. These algorithms will be constructed from tick-by-tick historical data, and they will use a global low latency data and execution infrastructure to trade futures contracts at ultra high frequency. The assignment is for a […]

BSQ Research Working With US Start-Up To Create AI Driven Sales CRM

BSQ Research has started a collaboration with UPilot Inc., a Silicon Valley start up firm that has created a very innovative CRM software system that helps salespeople manage their workflow. The UPilot software features analytics and reporting, pipeline tracking and forecasting of sales, productivity and collaboration tools, and integration with a wide array of third […]

BSQ Research Founder Joins Board of Technology Startup

BSQ Research Founder and Managing Partner Dr. Debashis Guha has joined the board of FutureTech Institute, a Mumbai based technology startup that aims to apply cutting edge technology to transform the education space. FutureTech Institute will provide, among other products, using Virtual Reality technology, Virtual Reality technology for global solution delivery, and a massively parallel […]

Automated Trading Algorithm Project Has Started

BSQ Research has reached an agreement with an Asian hedge fund to develop high frequency automated strategies for trading futures contracts. Work on the project started in September 2016 and is expected to reach its first milestone, a simulation test of the trading algorithm, by the end of the year. This is a long term […]

Automated Trading Algorithm Project To Begin Soon

BSQ Research is close to finalizing an agreement with an Asian hedge fund to develop automated high frequency strategies to trade futures. This project is expected to last several years and will be carried out by our machine learning and trading algorithm development team.

Certificate Program in Machine Learning at SP Jain Global School

Debashis Guha, BSQ Research CEO, will direct a Certificate Program in Machine Learning at the SP Jain School of High Technology. Courses in the program will be taught by well-known academic and industry experts. This will be a six-month residential program conducted at the Mumbai campus of the SP Jain School.

Financial Analytics Course Planned with Experfy Inc.

BSQ Research is teaming up with Experfy, a Boston firm specializing in data science, to offer an online course on data analytics for the financial services industry. The course will be taught by BSQ Research CEO, Debashis Guha. We plan to make this course available on the Experfy platform in September 2016.

BSQ Research and Globicus Inc. to Publish Economic Indexes

BSQ Research and New York economic consultancy firm Globicus Inc. will collaborate to develop and publish country indexes for national economies. These will include indexes to  track current conditions and also indexes to forecast future conditions. We will begin with indexes for the U.S. economy, and continue with Eurozone and Japan indexes. Later, we will extend our coverage […]

Course on Disruptive Technologies from BSQ Research and Digital CRM

BSQ Research and Singapore consultancy firm Digital CRM will offer a course entitled Harnessing Disruptive Technologies for that Much-needed Competitive Edge. The course will focus on disruptive technologies such as data analytics, cloud computing, AI, and machine learning, and how they can be used to gain a competitive edge. You can register for this course by clicking here […]