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BSQ Research provides training and consultancy in many different aspects of data analytics and statistics.

Training and Courses

Machine Learning
Our CEO, Debashis Guha will be directing a Certificate Program in Machine Learning, to be offered at SP Jain School of Global Management in Mumbai. The planned start date is Nov 2016.

Machine Learning and Statistics
We can help your business organize its internal data, find external data relevant for you, and then analyze this data using machine learning and statistics, to derive insights that will increase your revenue and your profits.

Financial Analytics
We are developing a course on financial analytics, covering topics such as credit scoring, fraud detection and forensic analytics. The course will be offered in collaboration with the Harvard Business School based data science company Experfy Inc, on their platform. The planned launch date is Sep 2016.

Predictive Analytics
Predictive analytics is a powerful method to discover what new products and services your customers want and what offerings are best suited to their needs. We can help you apply this technique in order to expand your portfolio so that you can serve your existing customers better and also win new ones.

Disruptive Technologies
We are collaborating with the Singapore based company Digital CRM to develop a series of courses and seminars on the disruptive effect of digital technology on businesses and strategies for coping with these disruptions. The first two-day course will be held in December 2016.

Macroeconomic Forecasting
One of our core areas of expertise is the use of machine learning to analyze macroeconomic scenarios and create nowcasts and forecasts that drive strategic decisions, and manage the impact of macro events such as recessions, inflation, and risk panics on your business.

Excel for Business Intelligence
We are also preparing to offer courses on the practical applications of MS-Excel in business intelligence and data mining. These courses will be available from our website and also from major online platforms.

Financial Modeling
We can help with the analysis of financial data, especially the creation of projected cash flow and budgeting models that are necessary for new financing and for acquisitions or sales