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About Us

Our Story

BSQ Research was founded in 2004 and it has been in the business of applying advanced statistical and analytic methods, such as machine learning and predictive analytics, to solve business problems. Our researchers have carried out advanced analytics projects for clients in USA, India and other Asian countries.
Among projects that our researchers have worked on are, developing economic forecasting models for national economies, statistical models for strategic decision making at major industrial corporations, data collection and analytics for a retail network, and risk analysis and market forecasting models for making investment decisions.


Our Team

Debashis Guha is the founder and CEO of BSQ Research. Debashis has nearly three decades of experience in the fields of machine learning, data analytics and decision making. In his career as a researcher and as a consultant to governments, businesses, and financial institutions, Debashis has applied these quantitative methods to solve many practical problems, such as monitoring national economies, timing strategic investments, and analyzing customer behavior. He has also developed automated trading algorithms and risk management strategies for hedge funds in USA, Europe, and Asia.

Debashis has a PhD from Columbia Business School, and a B.Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Ruba Ghose  is a partner at BSQ Research and responsible for Database Design and Management on all projects. Ruba is a mathematician and a database analyst with nearly two decades of experience as a database consultant for businesses in USA and India. She has carried out many major projects in database design, creation, and management, and also in data collection and analysis for customer tracking and for financial risk management.

Ruba has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Mathematics from Delhi University, and a Certificate in Database Management from New York University.

Valerie Vaughan-Jones is a consultant for BSQ Research and responsible for all projects in the area of Business Intelligence and Financial Modeling. Valerie is a mathematician and a quantitative analyst, with two decades of experience in financial and business analytics, first as part of a brokerage firm, and then as an investment banker and private equity analyst. She has extensive experience in using Microsoft Excel to analyze business intelligence and financial performance.

Valerie has an MBA from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from London University, as well as Certificates in Excel-based Analytics and Certificates in Finance and Accounting from Wharton.

Martin Amtman is a consultant for BSQ Research and responsible for Business Development and Customer Acquisition. Martin is an expert in Marketing and Psychology, and has more than three decades of experience in financial and technology marketing. He has worked in marketing and business development for major Wall Street firms and for research institutes at Columbia University, and was the founder of an independent futures broker.

Martin has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Economic Behavior from Columbia University.