Crypto Hedge Fund Update

BSQ Research has carried out further discussions with a Mauritius-based crypto investor to launch a new crypto hedge fund. Initial discussions about the launch and about fund strategy were held with possible early-stage investors in the fund, who will come from Asia, Europe, and Africa.

BSQ Research will provide the technical know-how for the fund and design tools to construct a multi-coin portfolio that can still make the triple-digit gains crypto is known for, but with much lower volatility.

BSQ Research Approached By Investor for Creating New Crypto Fund

A Mauritius-based investor has approached BSQ Research to explore the possibility of creating a crypto hedge fund that will be acceptable to mainstream investors. Mainstream investors such as institutions and family offices usually shy away from crypto investments because of their extreme volatility and downside. In order to attract these investor, it will be necessary to create a crypto portfolio that has much lower volatility than individual coins, but still earns close to the triple-digit returns that investors expect from crypto.

BSQ Research will carry out an initial study of the feasibility of constructing such a portfolio, possibly using Deep Learning techniques.